Prince plays ‘Train in Vain’ by The Clash

Prince Train in Vain - Strummerville
Prince Train in Vain - Strummerville

Prince live at Kings Place, London (Valentines Night 2014) img credit: The Guardian

For the past week Prince has been playing ‘guerilla’ style shows in and around London and last night (Valentines nights) Prince and his band 3rdEyeGirl played two sets at Kings Place, to the delight of hundreds of fans.

Imagine the reaction when Prince played Train in Vain by The Clash!

Here’s the original:

Prince arrived in London earlier in February for what was promised to be a series of shows, and performances in Camden and at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire last week received rave reviews. The auditorium at Kings Place, normally home to classical or jazz concerts, suggested a more sedate affair and the tickets for the gig that were printed promised an acoustic show.

Train In Vain (history):

“Train in Vain” was added after the deal for The Clash to write a song for an NME flexi disc fell through, and as Mick Jones commented The real story on “Train In Vain” is that originally we needed a song to give to the NME for a flexi disk that NME was going to do. And then it was decided that it didn’t work out or decided the flexi disk didn’t work out so we had this spare track we had done as a giveaway. So we put it on London Calling but there wasn’t time because the sleeves were already done.The result of its late addition was that it was the only song without lyrics printed on the insert, and was not listed as a track.

If anyone has footage of Prince playing Train in Vain, please share it :)

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For #RIPITUP14 – We ask 4 Strummerville Bands The Same 3 Questions

Francobollo #RIPITUP14 Strummerville

Ahead of Friday’s Strummerville Charity Gig at The Borderline in London, as part of Tech Music Schools #RIPITUP14 Festival, we wanted to introduce to you the four Strummerville affiliated bands playing on the night.

On the cutting edge of the music scene, these bands showcase a real breath of musical talent and genre diversity – frankly, this is one evening not to miss! We caught up with the groups and asked them a few quick questions in order to give you a taste of the full, delicious line-up.

Let’s introduce the bands…

Dark Moon #RIPITUP14 - Strummerville

Dark Moon

Four piece Dark Moon play accomplished psychedelia with lyrics that transport you to past worlds with a distinct female vocalist in Lola Ulalume. Tribal beats interweave with throbbing baselines to create a hypnotic groove which transcends through chanting chorus’s.

Q1: What is your inspiration for creating music?
To escape through sound and harmonise.

Q2: What’s the importance of music as an art-form?
Music is the universal language!

Q3: If you could describe in 3 words what music means to you, what would they be?
Existence, volume & love

Burning Beaches #RIPITUP14 Strummerville

Burning Beaches

With dirty basslines aplenty, Burning Beaches bring grunge stylings firmly into 2014 and promise to combine a keen melodic sensibility with an incendiary heaviness. Lofi without straying into the territory of just making a racket, they’re great.

Q1: What is your inspiration for creating music?
We get inspired to write music for people to party to. So basically, loud and banging!

Q2: What’s the importance of music as an art-form?
Music can take you anywhere. Any emotion can be brought out of you by the right song.

Q3: If you could describe in 3 words what music means to you, what would they be?
Er… there are no words!

Francobollo #RIPITUP14 Strummerville


Twangy and striking, the floaty rhythm-driven stylings of Francobollo seem custom made for festivals and summer nights spend with a cold beer and crackly stereo. Retro without being retrograde, they manage to balance a casual looseness and crackly sound with a singalong cheeriness that could put a smile on even the most jaded of faces.

Q1: What is your inspiration for creating music?
The inspiration is creating music. It just makes you feel good, don’t know why and we wouldn’t want to know if someone gave us the option to. Regardless of always either working too much, working too little and always having no money, it’s still the most fun we can ever have!

Q2: What’s the importance of music as an art-form?
It’s a sort of tribal thing, bringing people together to dance around the fire. It communicates with people in a way that words alone just doesn’t. Watch any black and white silent film without any orchestration or background music and you’ll find out. Unbelievably boring.

Q3: If you could describe in 3 words what music means to you, what would they be?
Words won’t do!

Lyza Jane #RIPITUP14 Strummerville

Lyza Jane

The first thing you notice about Lyza Jane is her voice. Fragile and haunting, she hop between notes with a staccato prettiness that compliments, not overpowers her delicate instrumentation. She’s also got a knack for a brilliant cover version.

Q1: What is your inspiration for creating music?
I draw inspiration from everything, whether it’s particular songs, sounds, books, emotions or the people I’m surrounded by. Tricky and Yukimi Nagano have both had a big influence on my writing style giving me a ‘do it yourself’ attitude when it comes to production; and I have so many stimulating and innovative friends so I’m definitely kept driven by all their creative energy.

Q2: What’s the importance of music as an art-form?
The importance of music is evident everywhere. I think it’s the most accessible form of art as it has no limitations. It brings people together and yet it can be so personal. It allows people to express themselves; not just in creating the music itself, but through dance, culture, and appreciation for its ability to unite.

Q3: If you could describe in 3 words what music means to you, what would they be?
Unity, release & identity.


Tickets are available for #RIPITUP14 at The Borderline London – Click Here For Tickets & Info

Dr. Martens Match-Fund Our ‘Save Our Studio’ Appeal!

WAYOUT WEST - Strummerville

WAYOUT WEST - Strummerville

Today we are very excited to announce that our friends Dr. Martens have made a very generous match-fund offer on our original SOS: Save Our Studio appeal.

Our original target was to raise £2,000 which would be enough to keep the studio open and running for 6 months. Along with Dr Martens £2,000 match-funding this means that the studio, in Freetown, Sierra Leone can stay open for a whole year!

Hazel, Michael and all at WAYout are delighted with the news that Dr Martens will match the £2000 raised by Strummerville to support the studio in Freetwon, Sierra Leone. Since the studio opened, it has recorded over 250 musicians from the street or slum areas and inspired many others but it couldn’t run without engineers- John and Gibo and producer -Thomas who have volunteered full time for 17 months and, despite their own desperate need for money, so believed in WAYout goals and the Strummerville studio that they remained committed and loyal. Thanks to Strummerville and Dr Martens that loyalty is now rewarded. – Hazel Chandler – Charity Founder, WAYOut West

We would like to thank the team at Dr. Martens and to everyone who donated to the SOS: Saver Our Studio appeal for your ongoing support for our work which is to give opportunities to aspiring musicians and support to projects that create social mobility through music.

And we wish Hazel, the WAYOut West studio engineers John, Gibo & producer Thomas and to all the fantastic Freetown musicians the very best for 2014. Keep the music alive!

About Dr. Martens
Dr. Martens is a British footwear brand & without music Dr. Martens would have remained a work wear boot and shoe. The music of the tribes who wore and continue to wear Dr. Martens is inseparable from the brand itself. Music is the lifeblood of the brand and Dr. Martens want to celebrate the self expression of musicians who stand for something by promoting new talent.

About WayOut Arts
WAYout changes the lives of street, vulnerable and conflict affected young people through music and media. We offer training and shelter, make films that can effect change and record music that enables excluded people to re-engage . WAYout promotes artistic freedom, education and empowerment.
More info & Press Contact:

Strummerville – The Joe Strummer New Music Foundation
Strummerville is a registered charity that was set up by the friends and family of Joe Strummer in the year after his death. Strummerville gives opportunities to aspiring musicians and support to projects that create social mobility through music.

RIP IT UP: Strummerville Charity Gig

RIP IT UP - Strummerville Charity Gig

RIP IT UP - Strummerville Charity Gig


Tech Music School London and Strummerville have joined forces to put on a very special gig for the Strummerville charity on Feb 7th at The Borderline in London, where all ticket proceeds will go to the Strummerville Charity.

Strummerville affiliated artists Dark Moon, Burning Beaches, Francobollo and Lyza Jane will perform live. The event will also include showcase performances from 6 bands currently studying at Tech Music School London.

Strummerville is proud to be Tech Music School’s charity partner and this exiting event will bring down the curtain on a weeklong ‘festival’ run by the School, based in and around their nucleus in Fulham. The Rip It Up Festival is celebrating all things Clash and Strummer related.

For information on the partnership and the Strummerville Scholarship visit

To purchase tickets for the Charity Gig go to

About Tech Music School

Tech Music School (TMS) has over thirty years’ experience in teaching popular music and has established itself as a market leader. TMS prides itself on providing students with extensive teaching, all of which is designed to bolster an exciting career within one of the most competitive industries in the UK; whether you crave to be a performer, music producer, songwriter or music business entrepreneur, TMS will present you will the skills, experience and contacts you need to flourish within the music industry.

Joe Strummer Tribute – Japan

Joe Strummer Tribute in Japan - Strummerville

Joe Strummer Tribute in Japan - Strummerville

A shout goes out to our friends in Japan who have helped much in the past and fly the Strummerville flag so well over there.. we do the same for this event. Looks great!

Fire Brigade & Joe Strummer Memorial Show

Fire Brigade & Joe Strummer Memorial - Strummerville

Fire Brigade & Joe Strummer Memorial - Strummerville

Supporting the Fire Brigade and remembering Joe on the 11th Anniversary of his passing.

Saturday 21st Dec
The Coronet
28 New Kent Road
SE1 6TJ London

Facebook event:


Austin TX - Joe Strummer - Strummerville

Austin TX - Joe Strummer - Strummerville

A big shout goes out to friends in Austin Texas for putting on this event to celebrate Joe Strummer and to help raise funds for our Strummerville Foundation. Wishing you a great evening on such an important day.

Long Walk To Freedom by Joe Strummer

Strummerville Logo

Here is the last song written by Joe Strummer “Long Walk to Freedom” performed live by Bono at Nelson Mandela’s 46664 Concert.


Strummerville Xmas Showcase

The Taproom Strummerville Xmas Showcase 2013

The Taproom Strummerville Xmas Showcase 2013

So we are going to finish the year off with a Strummerville Xmas Showcase featuring some great acts down at The Taproom in Islington, London. Please come along, get all festive and whilst your at it support new music.

Performing live are:

The Rusty Suns
Aaron Keylock

More info can be found on the Facebook event page:

STRUMMERVILLE SHOW 2013: Fundraising Art Exhibition & Gift Shop

Strummerville Show 2013

Strummerville Show 2013

We are honoured to announce that Subway Gallery will host and curate STRUMMERVILLE SHOW a fundraising art exhibition and gift shop.

For nine days, the gallery will be turned into a “charity shop”, selling Strummerville merchandise: calendars, christmas cards, T-shirts, tops, hats, badges, pins, books and postcards.

Artwork will also be donated by UK & international artists:

Julian Yewdall, Mr Wim, Trolley, Paul Simonon, Horace Panter, Keira Rathbone, R.G. McHarg III, Alex Mahood, Annie Mackin, Hayden Kays, Bob Gruen, Grant Fleming, Shepard Fairey, Crispin Chetwynd, Alex Cox & more..

Originals, prints, photographs and mixed media will be available to purchase.

Save The Dates: 14th – 22nd December 2013, 11am to 7pm OPEN ON SUNDAYS

Subway Gallery
Kiosk 1 Joe Strummer Subway
Edgware Road / Harrow Road
London W2 1DX

Live music / busking bands performances a various dates. For all the latest updates and info follow us on Facebook & Twitter