Jones 2.0

Jones 2.0 - Strummerville DIY

Jones 2.0 - Strummerville DIY

With his witty lyricism and creative flair, Jones 2.0 is a welcome addition to the UK music scene. His tracks are an exciting mix of dubstep, grime and rap, teamed with melodic samples, which are each bound together by a distinct love for his hometown of London. Jones 2.0’s catalogue thus far proves that he is unafraid to think outside the box and has a great deal of potential. Refusing to restrict himself to one craft, he has also turned his expertise to writing and producing short films and dabbled in modelling too. With plans to perform at some of the country’s top festivals this year and a fun vibe that is sure to appeal to a wide range of music lovers, Jones 2.0 is aiming high and trying to re-define the typical ‘UK Urban’ sound.

Native Roses

Native Roses - Strummerville DIY

Native Roses - Strummerville DIY

“…this quartet is truly magnificent in what they do.”
- Indie Shuffle

Native Roses are a gang of musicians from London, England. Pulling influences from americana, rock and 90’s pop the band are know for their hooky records and raucous live performances.

“Reminiscent of an early Arcade Fire Native Roses present a subtle confidence that belies their age.”
- AAA Music

“…a quite outstanding and compulsive slice of haunting Americana.”
- Ringmaster Review

“If Fleetwood Mac came back with a record this good we’d be running through the streets rejoicing.”
- Brighton Source Magazine

The Welcome Committee

The Welcome Committee - Strummerville DIY

The Welcome Committee - Strummerville DIY

The Welcome Committee is a 2 piece band from South London via Southend. The band’s fast tempos, instrumentals, and aggressive musicianship has placed them as the band of the 2014…………. Currently recording our debut album. In the last few years we have released 2 e.p’s on iTunes, been heard all over radio (BBC Radio 1 – Steve Lamacq, XFM – John Kennedy), had fantastic press (Dazed & Confused, RockSound 8/10), and played all over the UK and Europe……….

“Joe Shergold and Ken Canham create a kind of indietronica full of emotive vocals and anthemic builds that has garnered a lot of radio interest.” – Dazed & Confused

“Songs such as ‘Famous First Words’ build and build before blossoming into a fantastic layering of pop melodies’ 8/10 – Rock Sound


Olos - Strummerville DIY

Olos - Strummerville DIY

Seasoned London rapper Olos clicked into a different league when he advertised for a Hip-Rock band and found drummer Andrea Rapisarda, bassist Ewan McIntosh and lead guitarists Alex Scheuerer & Evgeny Sukhotin. The band’s first ever gig was at the 100 Club and since then they have amazed crowds at Proud Camden, Dublin Castle, The Enterprise, Motherlive, Nambucca, Underbelly & AAA, and are showcasing throughout the summer while they complete their debut album recording.

The band released their live mix tape ‘No Heirs & Graces’ in April, won a slot on the Emerging Icon’s stage at Beach Break Live Festival in June and are relentlessly stamping their name on the UK’s up and coming scene.

The Reverse Psychology EP will be released on Freeport Entertainment / InGrooves in September 2014.

Strummerville Easter Mashup

Strummerville Easter Mashup - Taproom, N1 London

Strummerville Easter Mashup - Taproom, N1 London

Official Facebook Event Page:

EASTER SUNDAY 20th APRIL: We are putting on our first live music event of the year at our favourite North London spot, The Taproom.

The all day event will showcase some fantastic new music. There will also have some great merchandise for sale as well as some brand new artwork by Tom Fozard.

It’s an early kick off, we will be there from 1pm and the music starts at around 2pm

These great acts will be performing.

The Sleaze
Frankie Forman Music
Bella Figura
Eat The Evidence
Seraphim Kelly
Bare Hunter

Come down and support new music.



Ace Cafe London Strummerville Fundraiser – St. George’s Night

St. George's Night 2014 - Ace Cafe - Strummerville

We’d like to thank the Ace Cafe London team for supporting us with this fantastic looking event… See you there!

St. George's Night 2014 - Ace Cafe - Strummerville

7pm – 11pm

Ace Cafe London
Ace Corner, North Circular Road
Stonebridge, London NW10 7UD
Tel: 020 8961 1000 Fax: 020 8965 0161


Gemma Rogers and the Milmen

Gemma Rogers and the Mil Men - Strummerville DIY

Gemma Rogers and the Mil Men - Strummerville DIY

This collective came together while living in a squat on Milman Road. The quids would run out of the meter so there was nothing else for it but to sit around and tell stories in the darkness – no one could afford candles either. Gemma Rogers tells stories. The Milmen make the music. Together they are Gemma Rogers and The Milmen.

Benjamin Weston

Benjamin Weston - Strummerville DIY

Benjamin Weston - Strummerville DIY

Originally from Buckinghamshire, England, Benjamin Weston was brought up on and inspired by the music of ELVIS PRESLEY, BOBBY VEE, ROY ORBISON, BILLY JOEL, BEACH BOYS, ELVIS COSTELLO, RAMONES, CROWDED HOUSE & GREEN DAY.

Weston has always had a passion for music from the 50′s and 60′s, spending most of his early years singing along to his father’s Elvis Presley records. Weston has previously stated that in the 60′s his father was a ‘Rocker’ and his mother was a ‘Mod’.

In the mid 90’s Weston was inspired by the new wave & energy of music that was coming through from the US, such as bands like GREEN DAY, SOUL ASYLUM, WEEZER, SUBLIME etc. He soon started to compose songs using 50s & 60s melodies with the drive and power of modern rock and the raw energy, simplicity and hooks of power-pop and pop-punk.

He formed and fronted his first band while still at school and was soon writing, recording and performing his songs live at venues locally in the towns & cities of South-East England.

He was co-founder and singer of London based power-pop-punk band THE BOMBJACKS.
After years of writing, recording and touring both nationally and internationally, THe BOMBJACKS broke up after their tour of Japan in 2005. It was around that time that Weston had written enough material for his solo debut album ‘IT’S 7AM SOMEWHERE’.

Shortly after recording the 10 track debut album at Ignition Studios in London, Weston went traveling to America & Japan and played venues & bars in California & Nevada in the USA and Tokyo & Osaka in Japan.

After settling in Japan, Weston formed a backing band and headlined a solo tour. He also regulary performed in a resident house bands at numerous venues and recorded session vocals for Universal Japan.

Weston survived a serious road accident while living in Japan in 2008, and he was forced to take a lengthly break from music and questioned if he would even be able to play guitar again.

The Bombjacks reformed for one reunion performance in UK in 2011. Weston also performed two live solo sets.

During his rehabilitation and break from music and writing, Weston was uninspired by the latest music at the time. Apart from a few Independent artists, he was only listening to music mainly from the 1950′s & 60′s. He always wanted to record an album true to the sounds of that era, so he began writing material for the concept album THE FALL OF ’58.

FALL OF ’58 was recorded and produced by good friend and band mate Lester Woodward at Blue Fox Music, and in Weston’s home in UK 2012.

The album was released in 2013 and shows Weston’s voice and song writing at it’s peak.
The album loosely follows the story and reminiscence of a summer romance, between high school drop out and petty criminal Joey Kallon, & high school prom queen and Stanford university hopeful Marin Weiss.

Both albums THE FALL OF ’58 & IT’S 7AM SOMEWHERE are available to download now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc through .88 Records.

Currently Weston is writing & working on new material and will be back to his power-pop-rock style for his third album, to be released in 2014.


Strummerville DIY - Childcare

Strummerville DIY - Childcare

CHILDCARE is London-based musician Ed Cares.

His music is enthused with the energy of punk, drenched in the off-kilter pop sensibilities of Squeeze, the infectiousness of the Police and a by-numbers approach to songcraft akin to Happiness In Magazines era-Graham Coxon.

Crafted with wit and skill, his songs are direct and speak with honesty and innocence, a quality that’s spawned from his curious creative set up: CHILDCARE records most of his music whilst working as a nanny, fitting in time between the school runs and roadtesting much of his material on the three children he looks after.

Inspired largely by guitar bands from the past few decades, he draws from a multitude of musicians to make his sound. “I had no pop or rock references in the house when I was growing up, so I didn’t buy anything non-embarrassing until my teens, and then I started getting into pop punk and ska, then the Ramones and the Clash, punk bands of the 90s and early noughties like NOFX and Capdown, and then the Hives, the Strokes and Jack White.”

There may have also been a brief trance phase aged 12 or 13. And he thinks he might own one Celine Dion album.

Seraphim Kelly

Seraphim Kelly - Strummerville

Seraphim Kelly - Strummerville

Seraphim Kelly is an exciting up and coming singer songwriter from Belfast, Ireland. He moved to London in April 2013 and in between working on new material you can often still find him busking on the streets of Camden.

Seraphim has a kickstarter campaign currently running – he hopes to raise £20,000 which will go into recording & producing his album:

“Since moving to London from Belfast to volunteer for the Simon Community, I have spent a lot of my free time busking on the streets of Camden. I have had many sunny, rainy and cloudy days on these streets, meeting a lot of interesting folk and making friends. It is whilst busking that I have been working my way through all kinds of songs.

I have been blessed to have met some amazing people who believe in me and have helped me get thus far. It has made me realize that with all the favors I have received on so many occasions, I cannot expect to continue taking up people’s time, skills, and facilities without being able to give back. So I tried to figure out how best to give back to everyone. I believe Kickstarter is the answer as, with YOUR help, it will enable me to give something in return to YOU & EVERYONE who has and continues to support me.” – Seraphim Kelly

With a rich and diverse background in music that took Seraphim on a journey of self, he re-discovered his roots in folk and country. Adding his own personal touch and delivered with a voice so powerful and rich, listening to Seraphim perform his songs is always a deeply emotional experience.

His inspiration stems from often simple but meaningful experiences and encounters, connecting with people from all sorts of backgrounds which lead to an emotionally driven delivery that reflects his heart and passion for life and song every time.